Anand Giri


Environmental Engineering

Journal Article

1 Giri, A. (2024). Nettle (Urtica spp.) phytotomy and applications: Crop variety selection and advanced product development for the manufacturing of natural fiber composites. Industrial Crops and Products, 210, 118180. View More
2 Giri, A. (2023). Plant-microbe assisted emerging contaminants (ECs) removal and carbon cycling. Bioresource Technology, 385, 129395. View More

Conference Paper

1 Kumari, D., Varner, T., Giri, A., Knappett, P. S., Datta, S., & Kulkarni, H. V. (2023, June). Occurrence of elevated sedimentary iron and arsenic along the Beas River and implications for arsenic enrichment in the Sutlej-Indus River basin in the north-western India . 3rd International Conference on River Corridor Research and Management (RCRM 2023), Virtual. View More

Book Chapter

1 Giri, A. (2023). Terrestrial Carbon Stock and Sink Potential of Indian Himalayan Forest Ecosystem: A Tool for Combating Climate Change. Springer , Soil Carbon Dynamics in Indian Himalayan Region (77-91).; ?> View More