1 Climate Change Impact on Landslide Risk in Himalayan Region (Geotechnical Aspects) Ongoing
2 Climate Change Impact on Landslide Risk in Himalayan Region (Hydrology Aspects) Ongoing
3 REgional cooperation for FReshwater Ecosystem Services in Himalayas (REFRESH): Understanding the influences of monsoon variability and compound extremes Ongoing
4 A low- cost MEMS based and video- based monitoring and early warning system for rainfall induced landslides Ongoing
5 Development and deployment of low cost landslide monitoring solutions in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh Ongoing
6 Probabilistic Earthquake – Earthquake induced landslide multi – Hazard analysis: Application to Shimla, Mandi and Manali Ongoing
7 Development of a remote sensing data - enabled disaster (landslide) decision response system with local ground based monitoring Ongoing
8 Deployment of low cost landslide monitoring and warning systems Ongoing
9 Development of in - situ leachate treatment system to prevent water contaminations Ongoing
10 Seismic safety evaluation of life- line building in Mandi district Closed
11 Chemical speciation and airways deposition modeling of bulk and size-segregate aerosols in residential microenvironments from three northeast Indian states: implications for human exposure Ongoing
12 Aerosol brown carbon, humic-like substances and nitoaromatics in the Himalayas: implications for regional climate Ongoing
13 Coal-based economics in developing countries: An enviornmental, health and cost evaluation around mega thermal power plants Ongoing
14 Design Innovation Centre Ongoing
15 Study for the optimum height of lift for mass concreting in concrete dam structures Ongoing
16 Digital twin development employing Bayesian filters with sub structured predictor models for aerospace structures applications Ongoing
17 Seismic resilience enhancement of ageing highway bridges using optimal retrofit measures Ongoing
18 A unified mathematical framework for predicting visco- plastic constitutive response of sand Ongoing
19 Improving Bio-engineering strategies to achieve soil stability Completed
20 Parametric study on pullout resistance of mdel micro-piles Completed
21 Development and evaluation of low -cost landslide early warning solutions Completed
22 Development and evaluation of low-cost landslide monitoring solutions Completed
23 Deployment of sensors for landslide monitoring and early warning Completed
24 Arsenic and Heavy Metal Mapping in Water, Coal & Fly-Ash Samples from Urjanchal (Singrauli) Area of Central India Completed
25 Facile low cost- synthesis of Graphene/ Zeolite composite and their application in removal of heavy metals from water Completed
26 Semi-Automated framework for preparation of LHZ & LSZ using machine learning techniques Completed
27 Snow mapping & it's parameter estimation from geospatial (AVIRIS-NG) and field data Completed
28 MHRD- Unnat Bharat Abhiyan scheme Completed
29 Spatial distribution of uranium and associated water quality parameters in Mandi, Kullu and Hamirpur Completed
30 Study of solute transport parameters through porous medium Completed
31 Development of a hybrid analytical numerical procedure for service load analysis of RC box girder bridges Completed
32 Modelling of hydraulic diffusivity and its application in the FE simulation of moisture transport in concrete for assessing corrosion risk Completed
33 Water and energy efficient reliable irrigation system (watEr-ERIS): Solar energy and cloud-based decision support systems for automated irrigation system Completed
34 Vibration based health monitoring of tensegrity structures incorporating and effects of ambient temprature Completed
35 Development of damage technique for composite laminated structures under varying temprature Completed
36 Rate- dependent behavior of sand and its implications on strength prediction from field penetration tests Completed
37 Suitability of higher modeling approach for reactive solute transport through hetrogeneous porous medium: experimental and numerical study Completed
38 In situ x-ray computed tomography exploration and numerical modelling of fracture mechanisms involved in the failure of interfacial transition zone of cement concrete Completed
39 Developing a Framework for Landslide Susceptibility and Adaptability in South East Asia (SEAL) Completed
40 Study of Meso-climatic influences on the hygrothermal state of concrete exposed to natural environment & their modelling for pragmatic durability design Ongoing
41 Development of a novel simulation tool for modeling debris flow phenomena and its application to study debris flows of Western Himalaya Ongoing
42 Towards a Circular Economy: Exploring Nanotechnology, Plastics, and Additive Manufacturing for Development of Sustainable Concrete Ongoing
43 Investigating the Impacts of Landslides on the Water Resources in the Lesser Himalayan Region Ongoing
44 Development of a novel and sustainable process to enhance freshwater recovery and minimize waste from reverse osmosis (RO)-based water treatment using microbial sulfate reduction. Ongoing