Name: Sonu Kumar

Enrolment No.: D20015

Admission year:

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Journal Article

1 Kumar, S., & Kumar, A. (2022). Effect of Infiltration on Single-Pile and Monopile–Raft Foundation Embedded in Unsaturated Sand. International Journal of Geomechanics, 23(2), 4022288. View More
2 Kumar, S., & Kumar, A. (2022). Behavior of laterally loaded mono-piled raft foundation in sloping ground. Advances in Sustainable Materials and Resilient Infrastructure, (), 357-372. View More

Conference Paper

1 Kumar, S., & Kumar, A. (2023, May). Behavior of Single Pile and Mono Pile-Raft Foundation under Hydraulic Loading Considering Hysteresis in Unsaturated Soils. Geo-Congress 2023, View More