Name: Ekta Chaudhary

Enrolment No.: UD22008

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Journal Article

1 Reddy, , K., Joshi, N., Chaudhary, E., & Swami, D. (2024). Sustainable Landfill Liner Using Local Soils and Wastes Amended with Bentonite: Hydraulic Conductivity and Stochastic Leachate Transport Modeling. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 150(1), 04023126. View More
2 Reddy, , K., Chaudhary, E., & Swami, D. (2024). Flow and Contaminant Transport Dynamics in Clay-Amended Barriers through Flushing Experiments and Multi-Porosity-Based Modeling. Environmental Pollution, 355(1), 124138. View More

Conference Paper

1 Chaudhary, E., & Swami, D. (2022, December). An Experimental Study on Contaminant Transport through a Composite Clay Liner. AGU Fall Meeting-2022 , Chicago View More
2 Chaudhary, E., & Swami, D. (2024, January). Utilization of Flyash-Bentonite as a Liner for Reducing Seepage from Lakes and Ponds. AGU 23, San Francisco, United States. View More