Name: Bijay Sharma

Enrolment No.: D21045

Admission year: 2018

Research Interests: Aerosol chemistry, Ambient and indoor air pollution, Aerosol impact on climate and human health, Air pollution mitigation, Emerging contaminants

Bijay Sharma is a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, IIT Mandi. He is currently pursuing PhD in understanding the aerosol-induced oxidative stress and disease burden in biomass-dependent households of rural northeastern India. His interest lies in understanding the ambient and indoor aerosol chemistry in general, their source profiles, transport, and atmospheric processing. It also encompasses assessing their impact on climate and human health. His future interest lies in investigating the emerging contaminants and establishing techniques/mitigation measures to improve the ambient and indoor air quality.



Sl No. Degree University Year
1 B.Sc. in Botany Dibrugarh University 2016
2 M.Sc. in Environmental Science Tezpur University 2018

Journal Article

1 Sharma, B., Sarkar, S., & Bau, S. (2023). Understanding population exposure to size-segregated aerosol and associated trace elements during residential cooking in northeastern India; Implications for disease burden and health risk. Science of The Total Environment, 875(), 162539. View More
2 Sharma, B., Jia, S., Polana, J, A., Ahmed, S, M., Haque, R, R., Singh, S., Mao, J., & Sarkar, S. (2022). Seasonal variations in aerosol acidity and its driving factors in the eastern Indo-Gangetic Plain: A quantitative analysis. Chemosphere, 305(), 135490. View More
3 Rawat, P., Sharma, B., Dey, S., Rana, A., Mukherjee, A., Polana, J, A., Mao, J., Jia, S., Yadav, K, A., Khillare, P., & Sarkar, S. (2022). Are fireworks a significant episodic source of brown carbon? . Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29(), 40252-40261. View More
4 Kolakkandi, V., Sharma, B., Rana, A., Dey, S., Rawat, P., Sarkar, S., Mao, J., Jia, S., Yadav, K, A., & Khillare, P. (2020). Spatially resolved distribution, sources and health risks of heavy metals in size-fractionated road dust from 57 sites across megacity Kolkata, India. Science of The Total Environment, 705(), 135805. View More
5 Rawat, P., Sarkar, S., Jia, S., Khillare, P., Sharma, B., Sarkar, S., Mao, J., Jia, S., & Yadav, K, A. (2019). Regional sulfate drives long-term rise in AOD over megacity Kolkata, India. Atmospheric Environment, 209(), 167-181. View More
6 Sharma, B., Handique, S., Jyethi, S, D., Khillare, P., Sharma, B., Sarkar, S., Mao, J., & Jia, S. (2022). Elemental composition of rural household dust in Brahmaputra fluvial plain: insights from SEM-EDS, receptor model, and risk assessment. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 45(), 2447-2460. View More
7 Sharma, B., Sarkar, S., Jyethi, S, D., Khillare, P., Sharma, B., Sarkar, S., & Mao, J. (2023). Disease burden and health risk to rural communities of northeastern India from indoor cooking-related exposure to parent, oxygenated and alkylated PAHs. Science of the Total Environment, 905(), 167163. View More

Awards and Honours

Name Year
Best Video Presentation Award 2021
Name Year
M.Sc. Gold Medalist 2018