Name: Eshwar Kuncham

Enrolment No.: D19047

Admission year:

Research Interests:


Journal Article

1 Kuncham, E., & Sen, S. (2022). Response and input time history dataset and numerical models for a miniaturized 3D shear frame under damaged and undamaged conditions. Data in Brief, 45(), 108692. View More
2 Kuncham, E., & Sen, S. (2022). An online model-based fatigue life prediction approach using extended Kalman filter. Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 117(), 103143. View More
3 Kuncham, E., Aswal, N., Sen, S., & Mevel, L. (2023). Bayesian monitoring of substructures under unknown interface assumption. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 193(), 110269. View More